Configuration 4 GNU (CFG)

How to Contribute


We need developers to help design and code various parts of the project. Currently, most of this is designing and making the initial prototypes. If you are interested in helping out, send an email to Justin and/or Jason and tell us what languages you know and what aspects you'd like to help with. If you just want to help in general, thats OK too. We can help you find something.

You can also subscribe to the developer mailing list, or look at its archives to get an idea of the state we're currently in (which changes too often to always be 100% up to date on our website).

Anyone Good at Graphics

While we're mostly happy with the look of our website, and don't want to clutter it needlessly, we would like a fairly simple logo (preferably in a vector format) that we can use on our website, in the programs, for icons, etc. If you'd like to help out with this, contact us and we'll let you know more details on some ideas we have.

Distros/Software Groups

If you are a member of a distro, OS vendor, or software group, we are very interested in getting you to help support the CFG Project either by submitting the files needed to add support for your product, doing testing/development, or by including the meta-config files we will soon be creating within your packages.

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