Configuration 4 GNU (CFG)

Config4GNU XML Specification

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The purpose of this specification is to precisely document the syntax and semantics of the XML format that is used to communicate between the Config4GNU subsystem and the underlying configuration file parsers.


Config4GNU subsystem

Also known as the "middle layer," this component of the Config4GNU system exists in between the front-ends and the back-ends. It provides routines that are common to all front-ends so that code does not need to be duplicated. It automatically invokes the necessary back-ends when configuration files need to be read or written.

Configuration file parsers

Also known as the "back-ends," these programs read and/or write native-format configuration files. They translate between a standard XML format, which is described in this document, and the native format of the configuration file. They are automatically invoked by the middle layer as needed.


Identifies some aspect of the configuration. It is a location on the configuration hierarchy that Config4GNU presents to the user. As part of a hierarchy, it has one "parent" node and zero or more "child" nodes. Is also composed of properties.

Figure 1. Node Hierarchy

Node Hierarchy

This is one configuration setting. Properties are attached to a configuration node. Properties are composed of a name and a value.

   An example

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