Configuration 4 GNU (CFG)


This page provides a summary of the downloads available from the Config4GNU project. None of these downloads should be considered stable releases or complete projects. Check the Documents section for installation instructions.

New, WBEM-related packages:

  • Owperlprovider - a Perl provider interface for OpenWBEM, used by the Config4GNU WBEM providers
  • Config4GNU-WBEM - the WBEM providers of the Config4GNU project
  • CIMBrowser - a graphical front-end for connecting to a WBEM server and manipulating configuration data

If you go to the Files section of Config4GNU's Sourceforge project page, you will also see a package named Config4GNU with a version number 0.1.8. This is a rather old release; I highly recommend looking in CVS for this package instead. If you download the Config4GNU package, either the tarball or via CVS, please read the Config4GNU Download page.

All packages are available via CVS. In cases of packages that haven't been uploaded to the Files section in some time, check the CVS repository for newer content.

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