Configuration 4 GNU (CFG)

XML Subproject Screenshots

Here are some shots of the GTK-- prototype editing example Samba and Apache configuration files. This GUI was created solely using an XML representation of the relevant data. Nothing is hard-coded that makes it specific to Samba or Apache. Note that it is easy to edit two or more sets of configuration for the same application.

Following are screenshots "Forms" in action. The first form is displayed when any share (pub, upload, or anna) under Samba is selected. The second form is displayed when the 'global' section under Samba is selected. The form is dynamically generated, according to a form definition file. The controls on the form are "bounded" to the actual properties, so when the user changes the values on the control the actual properties are automatically updated. Also, if a value is not set but a default value is assumed, the default value is displayed (but not saved back into the config file unless the value is modified).

Finally, here is a screen shot of the web interface, written in PHP. It is showing the editing of the properties for a Samba share.

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