Configuration 4 GNU (CFG)

Config4GNU Implementation Guide

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Revision 0.925 Mar 2003jmy
Added section on how integration between middle layer and parser will be handled.
Revision 0.831 Jan 2003jal
Added a section in the upper layer on Authorization and Authentication. Elaborated on Object Children. Changed load and save in the middle layer.




The purpose of this document is to explain in detail how various parts of the system will be implemented. It is intended for those interested in understanding and/or contributing to the CFG codebase, or those who want to make use of some or all of the CFG system. Some very specific and very abstract details are available in the API Reference and the Schematic Diagram, respectively.

This document will contain many ideas which previously existed only in the developer's heads, or perhaps scattered amongst comments in code. Due to its nature every effort will be made to keep this document up-to-date with our currently implementated features as well as any plans for new ones.

This document is not intended to be 100% sane and complete all of the time. It is more important that it stay up to date as much as possible than have complete but incorrect information. Some sections' implementations are still partly or wholly undetermined, others may not even be included in this information yet.

If you want to comment on this document, please do so via the mailing list. If you have a large change you'd like to suggest we make (or we've said we liked your comments and asked you to submit changes to this document), you can send a patch of the source version of this document to the mailing list. The DocBook XML source is available via CVS as /website/docs/implementation/implementation.xml.


In order for maximum clarity in communication of our implementation, it is important to define certain terms used in this document.

Native Configuration File

A native configuration file is a file as stored on a traditional Unix setup and read by a Unix application to store configuration. Native configuration files vary widely in format from one application to the next, and even from one distribution of Linux to another. The Config4GNU project will maintain existing native configuration file formats, in order to remain compatible to other configuration software and to allow coverage of legacy applications without changes.


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