Configuration 4 GNU (CFG)


Below you will find a large number of documents about the Config4GNU project. Be warned! They widely vary in quality, completeness, and accuracy. Since many documents are grossly out-of-date, the last modification dates are provided next to each document. If you are accessing an older document, understand its historical context.

When Config4GNU makes a public stable release, this page will contain documentation on using Config4GNU. For now, it mainly consists of design documentation.

Some of the newer documents are stored in's Document Manager.


About the CFG Project - 9 Dec 2006 - A brief non-technical overview of the project, its main goals, and the advantages of it over other configuration systems.

Frequently Asked Questions - 5 Dec 2002 - Quick questions and answers about the CFG Project.

CFG Article - 28 Sept 2002 - When the Config4GNU project was about to start, Jason Long wrote an article for publication on Linux-related websites. It explains the concept and purpose of our system. It was published on

About WBEM - 9 May 2007 - Describes some WBEM/CIM concepts and Config4GNU's WBEM project.

Installation Guides

Step 1: Installing Config4GNU WBEM Providers - 13 May 2004 - Includes instructions for setting up OpenWBEM and installing the providers.

Step 2: Installing CIMBrowser - 13 May 2004 - Instructions for installing the WBEM client written for the Config4GNU project.

Old/Obsolete Documents

These documents seem to be out-of-date and/or no longer relevant or useful. They are kept here for historical purposes. Perhaps they will be updated soon?

Systems Requirements Specification - 17 Oct 2002 - A formal document describing definitions and capabilities of the application. (Incomplete.)

Extending HOWTO - 15 Apr 2003 - A howto on extending and/or contributing to various parts of CFG. Currently, the only sections filled out are the Backend/Parser documentation and some information on class definitions. Check back or email us for more information.

Implementation Guide - 5 Feb 2003 - A guide to how the various parts of CFG are or will be implemented. This is a good reference for someone looking to help out with coding (or give design suggestions) to get a more specific idea of what we're looking for.

Proposed XML Specification - 25 Oct 2002 - A document describing the proposed XML specification which the different components of CFG will use to communicate inside of the CFG system. This XML will also be used in any communication with any external programs which would like to communicate with CFG. The specification is a work in progress, and we welcome any comments regarding it in either the developer mailing list or the forums.

Schematic - 7 Dec 2002 - Diagram of how the parts of our system fit together and explanation of what each part does.

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